Moving Home Plan [Mission Completed]

[Mission Completed]
This message is to inform to all of you that HA Network is going to be moved to a new home – new server – new hardwares – new network. We’re planning to process this plan on Monday, April 14th, 2014. Details are below:

Mission: Moving HA Network to a new home.
Start time: 12H (JP Hour) Monday, April 14th, 2014
Time expected: 24 Hours

We’ll be right back as soon as possible.

Incoming search terms:
regards ha,

Update FAKE SITES LIST (April 4th, 2014)

Please take a look to avoid time waste or getting annoyance/angry! Have a safe downloading!


Permalink Change

We take some changes on our network. HA.ME now has new permalink.
The old one:
Now becomes…
The new one:
If you copy our posts links to other website, you can remove [post-name] at the end of each link but they still point to the right posts (like this below):
Please take a little care to avoid 404 Not Found errors!
HA admin.

Need Help to Rescue Many Posts

My Rapidshare account contains about 15TBs of datas (can be used to reupload many stuffs on HA). But now it’s not Premium. And unfortunately, in this moment, i dont have enough money to upgrade my RS account (premium to extend my RS spaces and save all files – most important). So, i write this post to ask if somebody could help me in this matter? (1 month premium is good).
If someone can help me, please send me as donation for HA via:
Thank you so much!

Add new Quick Chat code to test

After removing old Quick Chat box, now we decide to test a new QC code. The Chatbox is here: – as a dedicated support page. If you CAN NOT leave any comment inside the original posts, please update in the Chatbox. We will be around to check all.
HA admin.

HA Notice on 2013 Nov 18th

We’re going to make some changes to our server. It’ll happen in about 1 hour. Save your work as soon as you can. We’ll bring everything back very soon.
HA admin.

HA Notification on 2013 Sep 28th

Today our server was down due to the issue of power supply in the cabinet where our server is located. Our data center will fix this asap. During this time, maybe you can not access HA. Sorry for any inconvenience.
HA admin.


Hi everybody,
Due to some special reasons, we decided to take some changes to HA server without any notice. Today, our server is online and all our services are back to normal. If you meet any troubles/issues, please report it here.
Thank you so much.
HA admin. HA Team.


Today, the permalink structure of HA is changed. This may causes some “Page not found” error if you come from another sites/search engines. Please try Search Box (top right of HA) to search for what you want again. Or you can fix it yourself by following these step:
-The OLD permalink structure:
-And the NEW one should be:
~> Just adjust the link and everything should be work normally.
Sorry for any inconvenience.
HA admin. HA Team.


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