HA Rules

After reviewing all HA site, we decided to set up some rules to HA site (everybody MUST follow these). Both stuffs in HA were collected from Internet only by other members, but they must follow these rules:

  1. No Licenced Material: Use http://www.animenews....com/ to check whether your posts.
  2. No fake, no other sites promotion.
  3. No JAV here.

Do not post stuffs that:

  1. Contain Guro/Bestiality/Furry/Gay or related.
  2. From Eng DLsite or something related: check them out at dlsite.com.

Strictly Forbidden Materials on HA:

  1. ALL LINDA/Linda works. (RAW Mangas, Comics).
  2. ALL Ordin-Soft works. Check it out at Ordin-Soft Homepage.
  3. ALL materials published from Issuisya & Mediax & kousaisyobou


Any post that does not follow these rules above will be remove without any notification and the owner will get warned or banned!

HA Staffs treat all reports from you seriously! So if you find any unsuitable article on HA, please send us an email to: [email protected] . We will delete it immediately!

Thank you!