General Guide

Today, I write this page to introduce the way you can play games, most comfortable! This general guide is for non-Japanese PC. Anybody who have a Japanese PC should proud of it because it’s perfect to play all H-Games ;))

Both of us know that Windows XP is the best choice for anyone to play any game! So, in this general guide, I’ll show you how to use Virtual PC with Windows XP Operation System to play any H-Games, step by step :D

Part 1: Getting software and how to install
1. Introduce software:

So, we need some tools: Windows XP SP3 installation package(ISO file), VirtualBox.

Download Windows XP SP3 here:

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The software i recommend you to use is VirtualBox . So why i say that?

  • Easy to install, to create Virtual PC, to customize “hardware”, to use  and to manager both of them.
  • You can access you real PC through Virtual PC so data can be transfered easily! (You download Games to your real PC and copy it to Virtual PC)
  • It’s free ;))

Download page: http://www.virtualbo...loads


2. Install software: (just Next or OK)


After successful installation and start software, you’ll see something like this:

Part 2: Create Virtual PC and configure it:
1. Create Virtual PC:


Finish this step, you must see this:

2. Set common folder: (to transfer data between Real PC and Virtual PC)


3. Install Windows XP for Virtual PC: (i use Windows XP SP3): That’s them same way you install Windows XP for your Real PC:


4. Set up connection between Real PC and Virtual PC (to use common folder we set above):


…and you can see the common folder in Virtual PC…

Part 3: Enjoy playing games inside Virtual PC:

Now you can use the Virtual PC as if it were a Real PC :D You can use software inside it.

Here’re some demo games I played in my Virtual PC ;))