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About HA site

Q: HenArchive.Me?
A: HenArchive means Hentai Archive. HA was set up and officially public at the beginning of July 2010. About 40 days ago (midle of December 2010), HA had to closed temporarily after being online for over 5 months because of some serious problems. From Jan 27 2011, we reopen HA and reactivate all HA’s services(free direct download links, request service…). Main publication of HA is about Hentai, include: Hentai Games, Hentai Manga, Hentai Anime, Hentai CGs…and some JAV…in addition. Welcome to HA site!


Q: How can I receive news from HA?
A: You can do that by subscribing feed via FeedBurner on the top-left of HA website.


Q: How can I contact with you?
A: You can contact us via email: [email protected] . Or simple reply in any post. Our staff will check it.


About HA’s services

Q: Which host are used in HA?
A: Mirrors may be avaiable in several different host: Fileserve.com, Filesonic.com, Hotfile.com and MegaUpload.com. Not all mirrors are avaiable but at least 3 mirrors per post. We’ll try to upload as much mirrors as we can.

Q: I don’t see any link Fileserve, Filesonic or Hotfile inside the post? Why?
A: You don’t see those link. But you can see http://elii.cc/degrlm . Open it in new tab and you will get the download page.


Q: Can I make a request?
A: Of couse, you can. Request Service is a part of HA’s services. You can go to Request Zone and make a request by comment there. Note that: not all request can be processed! But we’ll try our best to complete it once it is accepted! Hope you understand!


  1. Whats the difference between ADV games and and AVG games?

  2. There used to be a CG gallery containing many hentai pictures,but i can’t find the page now.Is it deleted or??

  3. Hi, I want to ask how install a VN if the disc is .xmd and .xmf. I already tried via Daemon Tools but the installing process is not good. Thanks.

  4. Actually I downloaded it via other sites. I write the link here, is that okay?

    • Downloaded and checked, i found a software you can use to OPEN & EXTRACT these XMD and XMF file: UltraISO (recommend version 9.36 or above). (XMD+XMF) if 1 type of image, like ISO or MDF, MDS, CUE, BIN… Let me know if you can not get it to work!

  5. Could you teach me how to use ultraiso?

    • Here is UltraISO 9.36: http://tbit.to/TvqCeNogobSW.rar
      Here is the guide to usr UltraISO:
      1. Select File (XMD-XMF)
      http://t3.pixhost.to/show/4210/19899539_u1-open-ultraiso.jpg http://t3.pixhost.to/show/4210/19899540_u2-open-xmd-xmf.jpg http://t3.pixhost.to/show/4210/19899541_u3-select-xmd-file.jpg http://t3.pixhost.to/show/4210/19899542_u4-content-of-xmd-xmf.jpg
      2. If you choose to extract XMD-XMF file, follow this instruction:
      – Select ALL content -> Right Click -> Extract to…(then select one location(folder) you want to extract all files to)
      – You will see this while it’s being extracted…
      – Open the location you choose above to see the extracted content. Now you can install it directly…
      3. If you choose to convert XMD-XMF to some easy-to-use format, follow this instruction:
      – Press Convert button to start
      – A new windows appears. Select the format you’d like to convert to (most popular are ISO, BIN or MDF, MDS. They all can be mounted with Daemon Tools)
      – This is what you see while it’s being converted…
      – Open the folder contains XMD-XMF file, you will see a new ISO file. That is converted version from the old XMD-XMF. You now can open it with WinRAR or mount it into Daemon Tools to install like Disc2.
      http://t3.pixhost.to/show/4210/19899576_u11-converted-iso.jpg http://t3.pixhost.to/show/4210/19899577_u12-converted-open-with-rar.jpg
      Enjoy ^^!

  6. I understand guide no.1 but still not to understand about no.2 and no.3, so we need to make a new separate folder to extract .xmd .xmf, and what the most confusing thing is what to do after no.3 is done (looks like the result is the disc with 600Mb size). Does it need mount by Daemon Tools. And in Crime Rhyme there’s disc 2 right? Well, disc 2 is can be mount by Daemon, at least. Sorry, I am a newbie of ultraiso “class”. >.<

  7. I just update comment above to make it more detail. Please recheck it: http://es.nyaal.com/?henarchive/general-guide/faq/comment-page-1/#comment-15101

  8. I’ve finished until no.3, but when I want to install it (after mount it with Daemon), it says Ir2 error and cannot continuing.

  9. It also doesn’t work. Well, it seems like I cannot play the VN yet, but I’ve got experience with XMD-XMF :) Thanks for your time and support. Time to look another VN :)
    It’s a little late but merry christmas :)

    • Fortunately, i can make it work! A bit complicated but it works! Here’s the guide how to do:
      1. This is the final Packs you will get after all: 2 Kurai Discs and 1 NoCD Patch
      2. Start mounting Disc 1:
      http://t3.pixhost.to/show/4215/19910577_fs2-mount-disc.jpg http://t3.pixhost.to/show/4215/19910578_fs3-mount-disc-1-first.jpg
      – After mounting disc 1, you will see this wizard. Press the button in the picture below:
      – Choose to install DirectX or not (follow the below picture)
      – Confirm Installation…
      – Locate the installation dir (i left it default)
      – Disc 1 is being installed…
      http://t3.pixhost.to/show/4215/19910583_fs8-installing-disc-1-first.jpg http://t3.pixhost.to/show/4215/19910584_fs9-installing-disc-1-first.jpg
      – Now, it require disc 2
      – Left click on Daemon Tools icon on the left of your desktop -> Select Unmount All Drives
      – Yes to Umount all drives
      – Mount Disc 2
      – After mounting Disc 2, press OK
      – Disc 2 is being installed…
      http://t4.pixhost.to/show/3487/19910591_fs15-installing-disc-2.jpg http://t4.pixhost.to/show/3487/19910592_fs16-installing-disc-2-and-wait-for-disc-1.jpg
      – Disc 1 is required again. Repeat 3 steps above
      – Installation’s Completed!
      – Exit…
      3. Make the game to work:
      – Copy [NoCD Patch] [FlyingShine黒] クライミライ.exe & paste to Installation Dir (default C://Program Files/flyingshine/kurai)
      http://t4.pixhost.to/show/3487/19910596_fs20-copy-nocd-patch.jpg http://t4.pixhost.to/show/3487/19910597_fs21-paste-in-installation-dir.jpg
      – Rename [NoCD Patch] [FlyingShine黒] クライミライ.exe to kuraexec_.exe (not kuraexec.exe)
      http://t4.pixhost.to/show/3487/19910598_fs22-rename-nocd-patch-flyingshine--to-kuraexec_.jpg http://t4.pixhost.to/show/3487/19910599_fs23-kuraexec_.jpg
      – Run kuraexec_.exe
      – And the result is…
      – Start the game
      http://t4.pixhost.to/show/3487/19910602_fs26-run-kuraexec.jpg http://t4.pixhost.to/show/3487/19910603_fs27-start.jpg
      4. Demo Screenshot

  10. Yesterday, I already begun the installation, but when I click install, soon “Ir2.exe has stopped working”

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  14. Whats up with the log in with facebook garbage?

  15. You guys are like getting stuff for free, at least have some courtesy.

    As an alternative maybe you guys could look into http://link.cutpaidad.com/NT7c1g

    I’ve seen it used in a couple of sites and seems to be pretty effective.

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