How to Use

How to use files downloaded:

//* RAR Cut,7-zip cut:

How to extract:
RAR Cut: Put all parts in the same Folder~> Right click on filename.part1.rar (or any part) ~> Extract Here~> Enjoy !
7-zip Cut: Put all part in the same Folder ~> Right click on 001 file~> select 7-zip~> Extract here~> Enjoy!
Download WinRAR:
Download 7-zip:

//* How to use file in archive:

For all MDF,ISO: using Daemon Tools to mount those file image ( Recommend Daemon Tools Lite for better choice)
Download Daemon Tools Lite: http://www.daemon-to...tLite

//* How to use RECOVERY RECORD:

– Open corrupted/error part using WinRAR.
– From Menu, choose Tools/Repair Archive (or Alt+R) -> Treat the corrupt archive as RAR -> OK.
– Waiting for it to be processed…
– After the process, rename the “rebuit.xxxx” to the right part then Test again. If the result is “No error found”, you can use all files as normal. If errors still exist, try to reload from other mirror then check again.

//* Hentai Anime and JAV:

Recommended using K-Lite Codec ( K-Lite Mega Codec is a better)
Download K-Lite Mega Codec:
Media Player Classic(include in K-Lite Mega Codec) can play all videos. For better Display (after installing K-Lite Mega Codec), using KMPlayer…
Download KMPlayer:

//* How to find:(80-95%)

Game Save : GOOGLE Search with keyword: Game name +
Walkthrough : GOOGLE Search with keyword: Game name + foolmaker ( or g-seeker)

//* How to Open CEI file format:

1. Change the setting to show file extension. In XP, go to My Computer/Tools/Folder Options/Tab View ~> uncheck Hide extension…
2. Go to CEI file, now you’ll see filename.cei. Rename it to filename.rar or filename.iso.
3. If it’s filename.rar, use WinRAR to extract it.
It it’s filename.iso, use Daemon Tools to mount it.
4 Install the Game and Play :) Enjoy! ;)

//* How to Open XMD-XMF file format:

Here is UltraISO 9.36:
Here is the guide to use UltraISO:
1. Select File (XMD-XMF)

Spoiler for " Select File"

2. If you choose to extract XMD-XMF file, follow this instruction:
Spoiler for " Extract Instruction"

3. If you choose to convert XMD-XMF to some easy-to-use format, follow this instruction:
Spoiler for " Convert Instruction"

Enjoy ^^!

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