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How to play Japanese games on US computers:
Step 1: Setting the system locale to Japanese
(You will need administrator privileges to set this. If you don’t know what that means, you are probably already running as administrator and don’t need to worry about it.)
Bring up the Regional and Language Options control panel. On the Languages tab, make sure ‘Install files for East Asian Languages” is checked.
If the box is not checked already then you will NEED the Windows XP CD! and NO! you cannot download the files you need! the CD is the only way to do it!

Now, select the Advanced tab and set the Language for non-Unicode programs to Japanese.

Now press OK. Press OK when prompted to reboot. Alternatively, you can set Step 2 below before rebooting.

Step 2: Setting the user locale to Japanese
In many cases, setting just the system locale (Step 1) to Japanese will be sufficient, but there are a number of Japanese applications that also require the user locale to be set to Japanese in order to run properly. In general, I recommend setting both so you don’t have to worry about it.
One thing you need to keep in mind about changing your user locale is that it also changes your default display for Numbers, Currency, Time, and Date to Japanese standards. This setting affects virtually all software you run on your computer. If you use a spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel, etc) or a financial program (Quicken, etc), and you set your user locale to Japanese but fail to Customise the settings back to that to which you are accustomed, you may be surprised later when dates are displayed in Japanese order, yen symbols appear where you expect dollar signs, etc. Fixing this is easy. But you do need to be aware of it.
In Windows XP, bring up the Regional and Language Options control panel. Under the Standards and formats setting, set your time/date display settings to Japanese.

The above setting will fix programs that rely on the user locale for proper font selection. (Before and After)
Important Notes:
This is a per-user setting. If you have multiple user accounts on this system, each one needs this setting to assure 100% support for Japanese software when using that account.
After setting this, your time, date, and number displays will be set to Japanese standards. For more information about about this, see the page about Customizing the Time and Date After Changing User Locale.

Step 3: Entering text in Japanese
Step 1 & 2 should be all you need to play games, but if you need to be able to enter text in Japanese:
In Windows XP, press the Details button on the Languages tab of the Regional and Language Options control panel and you will be presented with a screen where you can add input methods for all the languages Windows XP supports.
Press the Details button on the Languages tab of the Regional and Language Options control panel and you will be presented with a screen where you can add input methods for all the languages Windows XP supports.



  1. Densuke says:

    The video [071227] [Frontwing - フロントウイング] タイムリープ 特別限定版 [5.5Gb]
    is incomplete some parts cant be downloaded cus they was deleted, i request to reupload the,, pls…

  2. I wanted to redownload a game but the page are no longer can be found, I remember the girl was her

  3. Reraise says:

    She is Mami Tomoe in anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica. And this isn’t game.

  4. I know she’s Mami, I think it’s a flash video, sorry for mentioning it’s a game.

  5. Hello please help. I’m not able to download anything. I tried all(different posts too) but it wont work. First I fill in the code to see links, then I try to click on any of those links, it shows a page that says to click download to continue I did but it shows a 404 error an it says that I’m not allowed to access it….. help?

    here is eg images of errors, don’t worry no virus, well… it shouldn’t have any.

  6. Maybe some unwanted errors! Pls try in other browsers!

  7. I did, tried with Google chrome, it wont work, all links in this site won’t work for me because of the new download to continue page, it always shows 404 error.

  8. I checked! I saw you was successful with Chrome 14! The page 404 in Google Chrome you saw that time is not HA. It means the link is dead, file was deleted from that filehost. Uploadstore is a bad filehost, we removed it from mirror list. Try other games with Google Chrome:) Have fun :)

  9. …and, a small tip, when you get any problem, just take a sceenshot and save it in JPG format. Then upload it to an image host, like, and give us the link to that image . That’s more comfortable :)

    I have a problem with when i click tkfe.exe
    the above problem shows up, and doesn’t let me install it.
    I have all settings on japanese, in a windows xp (SP3), mounted with daemon tools.
    Please help me.

  11. i requested this over a month ago. thank you for your good work helping Crazybaby and Crazyboy

  12. the depositfiles link for [110331] [白濁系] アキバ戦隊!エンジェレイヴァー / akiba sentai ! enjiereiva^ [G3112] [759 MB]
    can’t be downloaded
    plz up in bitshare plz

  13. how to install the OLE-M games? Please and Thank you.

  14. ナカヤマ says:


  15. I found other fake websites and I am reporting here for it to be included in the list:
    CraneAnime and Ero-jiji’s eroge

    These are the same sort of fake websites that gives files that people can download and open, but with content they do not want to download.
    Again, please include this new fake sites on the list, just like the other previous. Thanks and sorry if I’m bothering to report this kind of problem here frequently.

    • That is not any problem here. We should take action to prevent FAKE SITES, yeah, together. Thanks for your kindness for helping all of us to avoid those bad sites. Your contributions are always welcome :) Thanks again.

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