We all know this time is so hard for anybody. We took your request seriously but it became complicated. It’s difficult to follow all comment in comment aere or chatbox. So we decide to open this dedicated page – only for report dead links and request reup. Please do this just to help us to complete all request! Thanks!

If someone would like to request support(installation…) please visit Help & Support page to leave your comment!

(For any request, please include the link to the original post)

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G J?][双子ノ母性本能 The アニメ][,


  1. Upsetdownloader says:

    All other links except bitshare is dead.
    Main issue about it is part 6 ,7 and 10 is down… I hope u can fix it asap as i really want to play this visual novel badly

  2. Sry to bother u crazyboy, but the 1st part of this game is corrupted and rapidgator is down. Can u fix it?

  3. Hi

    this H game “[111028 ]walkure Romance] have corrupted files

    Part 4, 9, 16, 17, 20 and 22

    please fix it thanks….

  4. I wanted to ask for re-upload, i can’t find it anymore.

    Thanks for your work.

  5. [060721] [HEAT-SOFT] メ堕淫~屈辱のカミングアウト~ [0538] [1.24 GB]

    I wanted to request re-upload for this one, too.


    reupload 1gb links to rapidgator please


    reup if possible, i need this game badly

  8. [091225] [light] Dies irae ~Acta esta Fabula~ + 特典 + 認証回避Patch [G4926] [3.86 GB]

    all links dead

  9. Hello, CrazyBoy! :)
    Please reupload these 2 VN (depositfiles if you can):
    Thank you very much

  10. Oops, has been reupload. Sorry about that >.<

  11. Forget one more game:
    Thanks again! :)

  12. 59 more posts reuploaded:

  13. [050628] [雨傘日傘事務所] 神風剣士ロゼッタ3 ~屍都の舞姫~
    All links not work. Pleas, re upload.

  14. Can you reupload these, please?

    Can’t find them anywhere on the web.

  15. knee grow says:
  16. struggle says:
    All links are dead – reupload please! I can’t find it anywhere else!

  18. Rockleevk says:

    Can you reupload this one?

    [060526] [PIANISSIMO] 晴れた日には天使が見える -Angel Report- [0182] [801 MB]

    Thanks for your uploads!

  19. Jimmyevolk says:

    Would you please reupload:

    thank you

  20. All links are dead. Please reupload this game.

    Game title: [070720] [G.J?] 双子ノ母性本能 The アニメ / futago no bosei honnou The anime


  21. maxuelthompson says:

    Is CrazyBoy alright? He hasn’t posted in a month..

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